New Patient Information and Forms

When you are coming for your first appointment it is most important that you bring the information I will need to treat you appropriately.  If you have had mammograms, breast ultrasounds, or breast MRI I will need both the films and the reports.  I prefer original films, not copies as some of the more important detail can be lost in copies.  Breast MRI are often delivered on CD discs and that is quite acceptable.  If you have had a biopsy I will need the pathology report.  In certain situations I will need the pathology slides but that can be discussed at your visit.  If the radiology facility is not willing to give you the films, please remind them that legally they must release the films to you and in addition since you have already paid for the films they are your property. I do not plan on keeping the films but I will need them to appropriately evaluate you.  Mailing of films is not recommended as they can be lost.  Messenger services to deliver the films are a reasonble alternative.  When picking up films it is always a good idea to give the radiology facility a day or two warning to have the xrays available for your pickup.

Please bring your insurance card to your visit as we will need it to bill your insurance carrier.  We are on most plans, but as the plans are constantly changing, if you have questions about whether we are on your plan please contact my office staff in advance and they can assist you with this information. 

New patient information forms can be downloaded from this website by clicking on the "W" below  and printing them out so you can fill them out in advance if you would like.  If not they will be provided when you arrive for your examination.

New Patient Information Form